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Pecs 2009

Plan9 Festival - TV Torony, Pecs, HU - 16 May 2009
I played alongside Boxcutter at the Plan9 Sci-Fi festival, at the top of a 200m soviet-era TV Tower above the historic Hungarian town of Pécs. Check the great views over the city, and the quality lunar landscape visuals...

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Den Haag 2009

Delta Festival - De Regentes, Den Haag, NL - 9 May 2009
Who could turn down a gig in the deep end of a swimming pool? The acoustics were odd, but it was a wicked event, which for some reason involved many mechanical dragons...

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Noosa 2009

Shhhh... - Near Noosa, QLD, AUS - 11 April 2009
This rave or 'doof' as they call it, took place in a shambolic homemade "treehouse" about 50km out into the Queensland bush. It has to be seen to be believed,as does the lighting inside. We ran over a 2m long snake on the track out there...

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Melbourne 2009

Too Much! - Brown Alley, Melbourne, VIC, AUS - 4 April 2009
Yes, this club is really called Brown Alley. Wicked night too.

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Sydney 2009

Void - Phoenix/Spectrum, Sydney, NSW, AUS - 3 April 2009
This was a mad eclectic night upstairs, with heaviness all night downstairs. Unfortunately, I neglected to take any photos of myself!

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Tartu 2008

Atom Om - Genialistide Klubis, Tartu, EST - 14 Nov 2008
Apparently, it means "Genius Club"! Thanks to the kindly locals too for looking after me...

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Brussels 2008

54 Cares Deeply - BSG, Brussels, BE - 31 Oct 2008
With a massive sound system crashing of the back wall and washing the booth with bass, this was a fun one to play, alongside Whistla, Deapoh, Phonetics and the Dutch Subway Crew

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Athens 2008

Twist On - Lofos Strefi, Athens, GR - 4 Oct 2008
A crazy outdoor rave in the anarchist part of Athens, where the whole set up was run off the street lights! DJing under the stars is what it's all about...

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Misc. Gigs

Miscellaneous photos from gigs I have done