Mixmag Review

Wednesday, 26 August 2009, 22:35 | Category : Review
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Thanks to the kind folk at Mixmag for picking up this release – even if it is a wee bit since it came out! Despite peddling the myth that Jupiter Jazz had anything to do with Underground Resistance (it actually came out of a mild obsession with Cowboy Bebop…), Mr Muggs on the review buttons […]

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Deepchild Remix Update…

Monday, 24 August 2009, 20:19 | Category : Announcement
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I’ve just had the masters through for the Deepchild EP coming out on Sydney based Sub Continental Dub and it all sounds super crisp! The EP features Deepchild’s tracks Shameless (In Seattle) and Wannado, with remixes by myself and label owner Western Synthetics on the flip. Should be hitting vinyl in the very near future… […]

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Gravious.com Podcast #1

Saturday, 8 August 2009, 14:47 | Category : Download, Mixes, Podcast
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Podcast #1 – Mini DnB/Jungle rinseout! | 29:37, 55mb, 256kbps MP3 | DOWNLOAD Along with all the stuff discussed in my first post, I have also started a Gravious.com mini-Podcast series, where I plan to play some of my own favourites, and get in some exclusive mixes from people whose music I am really feeling.Check […]

Free track download

Saturday, 8 August 2009, 14:46 | Category : Download
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Gravious – Syndicate | 320kbps MP3 | DOWNLOAD I’ve put up a free 320kbps MP3 of my track Syndicate for you to download. This track was part of a very limited CD release that wasn’t broadly available outside of Glasgow, so I would now like to share it with the world! It’s a dubby roller […]


Saturday, 8 August 2009, 13:55 | Category : Announcement
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Hi and welcome to Gravious.com! I’ve made this site to share everything about the music that I make, and other people’s music that I love.You can listen to any of my tracks, download any mixes or podcasts, and find out release info from various parts of the site. This frontpage blog will also bring you […]