Free release – Gravious Archives Volume 4!

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Gravious Archives Vol. 4

In what is at risk of becoming an annual tradition, it’s time for another early Christmas present from the depths of the Gravious Archives.

On volume 4, a couple of tunes from the Gravious Mixtape Part 5:
A – Van Allen (2012)
B – Zion Razor (2012)

Download a zip file of both tracks here (23mb)

Both these tracks were started in 2011 and finished off in early 2012 in time for the fifth edition of my mixtape.

Van Allen starts off on a squelchy acid 303 tip, and progresses through into some rolling breaks and busy electro pads and synths. It’s also named after the radiation belts around the Earth fact-fans.

Zion Razor takes a more dubbed-out route, building up drum patterns over some vocal samples, and then dropping into a more four-four rhythm to take it home. Trivia: the name of this was semi-inspired by the space Rastas in William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and their name for mercenary extraordinaire Molly Millions. So there you go.

Anyway, enjoy, and Merry Christmas! Follow me on twitter, @GraviousMusic or Facebook for more occasional releases, news, gigs and more.

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Public Spaces Big Band – Gigs this weekend

Saturday, 9 May 2015, 12:53 | Category : Announcement, Gig
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Public Spaces Flyers

Hi all,

Long time no speak!

Quick update – I’m playing a couple of gigs this weekend as part of the Public Spaces Big Band. We are me, on synths and beats, two sax players, guitar, synths and bass. We are playing some low-slung, improv mashed up jazz and more.

If you fancy it, we’ll be playing in Krafty Brew in Edinburgh tonight, Saturday 9 May, Doors at 7, £3 entry.

Line up for tonight also includes Jesse Kenas Collins (USA) jamming and our good buddy and Public Spaces band leader Alistair Quietsch, alongside local act fua.

Details here:

We’ll also be playing the 13th Note in Glasgow on Sunday 10 May, 8pm start, £5 on the door.

Alongside the same crew as the Edinburgh gig, we’ll also have the excellent sounds of Sybren Renema & Armin Sturm, as well as Jer Reid and Victoria Morton.

Details here:

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Paradigm vs Decagram Mini Mix

Tuesday, 13 January 2015, 20:28 | Category : Download, Gig, Mixes
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In advance of my set on Saturday night at Paradigm vs Decagram in Edinburgh, here’s a little taster of some of the stuff to come, including a brand new track.

Tracklist (all tracks by Gravious)
00:00 Intro
01:55 Lodestone
06:15 Loving Echoes
11:33 Torus
16:02 Untitled (exclusive first play!)
20:59 River Plate
26:01 Twenty on the Hype

Check it out, and hope to see you at the Mash House on the 17th Jan!

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Edinburgh Gig – Saturday 17th January 2015

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Happy New Year all!

I’ll be kicking off 2015 in style, with a live set at the Mash House in Edinburgh on Saturday 17th January. On the 17th, excellent Edinburgh soundmongers Paradigm are hosting multi-medium moguls Decagram in what looks like it should be a real belter of night. Hope some of you can make it along!

Sound from yours truly, as well as Flock, Matthew Collings, Trudatsound, Kenny Breaks and Bill Spice. Doors 10pm. Full details here.

Not only that, I have a host of never-heard before material to test out. Looking forward to it already…

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Free archives track: Intex Systems & Ezeekil – Transfer (Gravious Remix)

It’s the time of the year when a long history of co-opted pagan rituals gets us thinking about giving gifts to our nearest and dearest.

After an interminably long break this has once again got me digging around in the dusty depths of the Gravious Archives for some old favourites.


So without further ado, please help yourself to an old bit from back in 2007. The original by Intex Systems (aka ASC) and collaborator Ezeekil, and came out on Vaccine recordings. 7 years later I still get asked about this one, so hopefully some of you will appreciate this tidied up but otherwise unadulterated version for your listening pleasure!

320kbps mp3, approx 13mb

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A live mix from the archives!

Sunday, 17 August 2014, 23:59 | Category : Download, Mixes
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So, you may have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet round here recently. Actually, that’s not really the sort of thing you notice is it!

Well Gravious HQ is currently in refurb mode, and my studio is currently a building site, which has not left much room in my life for music stuff of late.

Thankfully, everything should be back to (better than) normal by the end of next month. Woo!

In the meantime, there are a few recordings lurking in my hard-drive that I’ve been meaning to share on a rainy day. Living in Scotland, it’s a wonder I haven’t shared them already…

Anyway, part one of the studio refurb archives sessions is a live set I performed at an Oxjam (the music offshoot of Oxfam) event at Glasgow’s CCA in November 2009.

Click here to download!

Tracklist as follows:
1. Erik XVI – Gravitationskraftens stilla vrede (Gravious Anti-Gravity Mix) [Highpoint Lowlife]
2. World of Tomorrow [Highpoint Lowlife]
3. Cascade [Saigon]
4. Jupiter Jazz [Highpoint Lowlife]
5. Omo Delta [Unreleased]
6. City of Spheres [Broken Bubble]
7. Deepchild – Wannado (Gravious Remix) [Sub Continental Dub]
8 Continuum [Unreleased]

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New mixtape/material for Seek Sick Sound podcast

Wednesday, 6 November 2013, 22:33 | Category : Download, Mixes, Mixtape, Podcast
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Hi folks,

Head on over to the excellent French music website Seek Sick Sound to hear a mixtape I recorded recently, featuring a handful of brand new tracks, as well as recent releases and a few others from the vaults. All recorded in the style of my live sets – straight up with live knob-twiddling and loops! On soundcloud as above, or via the Seek Sick Sound website here.

Hope you enjoy. Tracklist as follows:

1. Gravious – Intro
2. Gravious – Junction City
3. The Other Side – Tonight (Gravious Remix)
4. Gravious – Omo Delta
5. Gravious – Rolling Thunder
6. Gravious – Van Allen
7. Gravious – Loving Echoes
8. Gravious – Rift Zone
9. Gravious – Dim Sun
10. Gravious – Untitled
11. Gravious – Sulaco Squares
12. Gravious – River Plate
13. Gravious – Zanoni
14. Gravious – Twenty On The Hype

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Gravious influences mix for Clash

Tuesday, 8 October 2013, 22:06 | Category : Mixes
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As part of the promo for my latest release, I did a mix of my influences for Clash. Check it out and download via the following link:

Varied tracklist from 90s electronic classics, to hardcore, DnB and some dubstep favourites!

1: The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld
2: Richard H Kirk – Come
3: Aphex Twin – Green Calx
4: Orbital – Satan (Industrial Mix)
5: Future Sound of London – Egypt
6: Leftfield – Song of Life
7: Future Sound of London – Pulse State
8: Drexciya – You Don’t Know
9: Caribou – Kaili
10: Boards of Canada – Energy Warning
11: 2 Bad Mice – Hold it Down
12: Jonny L – Hurt You So
13: Cloud 9 – You Got Me Burnin’
14: Menta – Sounds of da Future
15: Artwork – Round Sound
16: High Plains Drifter – Somewhere
17: Burial – South London Boroughs
18: Kode9 – Kingstown Dub
19: Mala – Left Leg Out
20: MRK1 – Neva Argue
21: Skream – Monsoon (Loefah Remix)
22: Vangelis – Tears in the Rain
23: Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn
24: Goldie – Inner City Life
25: Boards of Canada – Olson

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Rolling Thunder EP 12″ – out now on Halo Cyan records!

UPDATE – The record came out on 1 October, and is available now in all good record stores, and probably some bad ones too. You can also pick it up on iTunes, or your download services of choice. Digital version has an extra bonus mix of Release. Enjoy!

Tracklist for vinyl as follows:

Rolling Thunder
Sulaco Squares
Rolling Thunder (Octa Octa Remix)

Catch the audio clips on soundcloud now:

In the run up to the release I will be putting out a number of podcasts showcasing my influences, some of my current tracks, and some new stuff by other people that I’m into at the moment. Watch this space for more info over the next few weeks!

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21 April Ustream mix – download and tracklist

Sunday, 28 April 2013, 23:18 | Category : Download, Mixes, Podcast, Radio Show
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Last week I did a wee mix on Ustream, and recorded the audio. Here’s the download link and tracklist! I should be doing this a bit more often, so follow me on my channel page ( for updates, or follow me on twitter (@graviousmusic) for details of future broadcasts.

Download link (192kbps MP3, 123mb):

Plaid – Yammem
Ogris Debris – Around Here (Sixtus Preiss Remix)
Kode 9 and Spaceape – Am I?
Gravious – Wormsign VIP
Daluq – Supafine
Sharmaji – Break My Heart ft. Maggie Horn
Kahn – Helter Skelter
2562 – Kameleon
Inko & Denim – Alphabet City
Daisuke Tanabe & Kidkanevil – MoOoOoOn
Om Unit – Ulysses
Aphex Twin – Peek 824545201
Hint – Watch the Media ft. Profisee
FaltyDL – Regret
OL & YOIN – Real Thang
Jaw Jam – The Truth (Lockah Remix)
Wiley – Never Be Your Woman ft. Emeli Sande
Drexciya – Seaquake
Hudson Mohawke – FUSE
MIA – Bird Flu
Machinedrum – Sacred Frequency
Africa Hitech – Light the Way
Lewis James – Power Child ft. Dolor
Equulei – My Modem Can Beat Up Your Modem
Africa Hitech – Out in the Street
Deepchild – Wannado (Gravious Remix)
Rustie – Death Mountain
Gravious – Continuum
Gravious – Loving Echoes

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